In the fast-paced world that we live in, brands are constantly trying to grab a very distracted consumer’s attention. Just like the 70s trend of flare leg jeans and the 80s trend of parachute pants, logo design has trends that come and go. And while these trends can add excitement and freshness to your brand, remember to incorporate trends in a way that will have longevity and be true to the brand’s identity.

Many sources for logo trend reports are available, but one of our favorites is JUST Creative. As the year progresses, more and more trend reports will surface, but we love what we’ve seen so far—an air of simplicity and reference to the past. Over the past few years, simplicity and retro design have ruled supreme in the world of logo design trends, and we aren’t sad about that.

6 Forecasted Logo Design Trends for 2016:

1. Flat:

Flat design has been, and will continue to be, the top style as it lends itself to an easily recognizable logo and registers the best across all media platforms. This style is simple with clean lines and little to no textures, shadows, patterns or gradients.

2. Handmade:

Handmade logos use calligraphy and hand lettering in combination with other design elements to give a look that isn’t entirely handmade but also not entirely digital. These logos are excellent at showing a unique personality of a brand.

3. Kinetic/Dynamic:

The kinetic or dynamic style of logo changes, yet remains the same, giving it the ability to make the consumer aware of directions and divisions of a company by breaking down the information of a brand into smaller pieces.

4. Negative Space:

The use of negative space in logo design creates a challenge for the consumer and communicates more than what is seen upon first glance. Logos that utilize negative space communicate more to the consumer without using numerous design elements.

5. Letterstacking:

Letterstacking is a style that breaks down words and rearranges them in a creative way. This has become a popular style for brands with long text.

6. MonoLines:

A type of iconography, this style uses a line that doesn’t change in thickness and resembles a wire to design the entire logo. Upon first glance, this style seems intricate; however, it is a very clean, fresh style.


Remember, when using a trend in your logo design, choose one that can adapt to your brand’s voice and will have longevity, like a good pair of flare leg jeans. Just like every new fashion trend isn’t suited for every person (ahem, shoulder pads), each logo design trend is not always suited for every brand. We look forward to sharing more trends as they are released from other great resources like Logo Lounge throughout the year. For examples of logos JJPR has created, visit our portfolio.