Top 10 PR Tips

With no two days the same, the world of public relations is anything but dull. The industry offers an array of opportunities and careers. Whether it’s organizing events, writing press releases, publishing stories in magazines, pitching new ideas or promoting organizations and brands, PR is a creative’s jungle. It encompasses an incredibly broad spectrum of sectors and there are public relations roles within all kinds of industries and organizations. But to be successful in this career you need to have a strong skill set of communications, writing, current affairs, technology, social media and creativity just to name a few. Below we curated a list of the top 10 PR tips we live by.

1. Care about your clients and their brands. If you truly care, then your clients’ need to channel their messages to the public will get across platforms more powerfully. Valuing your relationship with your clients and not seeing them as just another contact or story goes along way. After all, the best people in PR pay attention to the smallest of details.

2. Stay organized and reliable. Always answer your emails and phone calls as quickly as possible. Responding quickly shows your sense of commitment to your client, boss, media relation or whoever it may be. Just remember to always be proactive and attentive.

3. Keep up with trends. Staying on top of innovations in the world around you helps ensure you can advise your clients and brainstorm ideas effectively and efficiently.

4. Network like a pro. Having communication skills is great, but knowing how to network is what will set you apart from the crowd. Go out in your community and make further introductions and connections. Joining an organization like PRCA, SPRF or PRSA can help connect you with like-minded professionals in the industry.

5. Trust in tech. In today’s world, public relations involves more social media, web design and digital marketing than ever before. Having the knowledge of simple software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are a must in any line of business; but extending that knowledge to Adobe Creative Cloud or basic web development is an amazing skill set to have in the PR industry. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, sometimes you’ll be asked to create a quick flyer or update a website. Being able to use systems like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator can transform your work for your clients.

6. Be the grammar police. Proofread, proofread, proofread! In the world of PR, you’ll be expected to write press releases, blog posts, social media content, newsletters and annual reports. Checking your work and having excellent grammar is crucial to your success in this industry. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you catch yours before anyone else does you’ll be ahead of the game.

7. Use your creative side. Coming up with fresh and new ideas is crucial in this industry. This includes your writing, not just graphic design. The right editorial hook in a blog post or article is often what makes someone want to learn more. Being able to think creatively in all aspects of your work puts you on the path to becoming an exceptional PR professional.

8. Stay agile during a crisis. Things aren’t always going to be smooth sailing. You may come into the office one day and have to manage a crisis. You need to be able to cope well under pressure and deal with stressful problems. Staying calm and reacting accordingly is the best way to deal with any crisis.

9. Know your audience. Before delivering your PR message, you have to determine who you want to receive it. Take the time to establish a list of customers you want your campaign to reach for the most effective outcome.

10. Catch more flies with honey. Kindness leaves such a lasting impression on people. The smallest gesture can bring a smile to light the shadow of an unpleasant situation or remove tension from a difficult task, but its effects can echo and extend far beyond that moment. Strive to care for each other, provide support and treat everyone with respect.

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