Naming PartnerCare

PartnerCare is the leading musculoskeletal and pain management group in the Southeast, acquiring and managing physician groups. Since inception the company had been known as Southern Sports Medicine. They sought out a new name, brand, and a branding suite that could be used for their different locations and company website. The charge was to position PartnerCare as a trusted, respected pain management company in the US.





Brand and Logo Development

The new name and brand had to allow for PartnerCare’s evolution and expansion as a dominant player in pain management healthcare services. Primary research included an environmental scan of pain management companies within their universe and large medical conglomerates. The results were crucial to PartnerCare’s growth and desire to become a large medical practice business. Interviews were conducted with external and internal stakeholders to define the essence of the brand along with identified usage needs. The work we performed required a name and brand that stood out from their competitors and would be instantly recognizable. The result had to both establish the brand of PartnerCare, with room to maintain consistency with the groups they acquire. 

The resulting symbol and typographic treatment represents the embracement of new acquisitions into the fold and to create a strong culture, together. The primary blue colors were chosen for versatility and represent wisdom and trust. Additionally the colors provide consistency while allowing for a distinguished look and use for acquired practices.

Website and Additional Assets 

PartnerCare’s new website not only integrated the new brand and colors, but created a simple, understandable way to describe and navigate their business. PartnerCare continues to tell their brand story through monthly blog development, ongoing social media content and podcast production. 

All content supports their mission to provide physicians with clinical autonomy, continuum of care, work-life balance, brand reputation, financial security, and ongoing ownership. 

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