January is always refreshing as the new year starts off, but we definitely welcomed 2021 with especially open arms. While 2021 has still presented its hardships already, a great way to create hope for the new year, both in your personal life and business, is to set goals.

At JJPR, we took some time individually and as a business, to create our goals for the year. Here are some of our thoughts to help you get started on your own goals and gain clarity for what you want out of your business (and life) in the new year.

Break down your goals.

To help achieve your goals, we’ve found it helps to create priorities that must happen to reach each goal. By setting priorities quarter by quarter, you’re not only filtering out noise that keeps you busy with unproductive tasks, but you are also more focused on creating space for what’s most important. We also find working in three-month increments is more digestible and gives a sense of accomplishment all throughout the year, allowing you to benchmark your progress and evaluate more frequently to see what’s working and what needs more attention to move closer to your vision.

Create actionable items per goal.

As you look at your goals and the priorities for each individual quarter, take a few moments and break down each of the goals with three action steps to help you get there – think about processes to improve, relationships to cultivate and support that is needed. One strategy we find helpful is to look at ways to automate, delegate or eliminate anything that isn’t making an impact on our business or our client’s business. By laying out actionable steps for each goal, you clearly see what steps you need to take and what actions are needed in order to reach your goals by the end of the year. Just remember, be accountable to yourself. The only person who can make your goal happen is you!

“Your goal is yours and yours alone; the success or failure of it depends on you.” – Jenna Kutcher, The Goal Digger Podcast 

Be kind and give yourself grace.

As we all know… We have just closed the book on one of the hardest years we’ve experienced in history. Whether you’re a business owner, marketing professional or someone always looking to work on self-improvement, 2020 presented challenges that no one could have predicted. We are all still learning how to navigate those challenges and have to give ourselves grace. That means filling our cup with those things that bring us joy – whether it is self-care, time with family or quiet time every morning just for yourself. Step back…and practice self-compassion.

“How you spend your time every single day should be a direct tangible reflection of your values” – Scott Smith, The Daily Boost Podcast

As you set your intentions and goals for yourself and for your business in 2021, remember to set attainable goals and be kind to yourself in the process.

What are some of your goals for the new year? We’d love to hear! Share them with us on our Instagram and be sure to download our goal tracker to set your weekly, quarterly and yearly intentions to help you prioritize!