In today’s digital world, social content creators with niche audiences can often offer more value to brands. There’s no shortage of excellent marketing being done by brands big and small, and finding inspiration is just a “follow” away. With so many inspiring brands at our fingertips, we are sharing a few that keep our creative juices flowing and elevate our work. At JJPR, we love brands that:

Utilize interactive tools: West Elm

We are big believers in driving user interaction within content to not only increase engagement, but to also foster a loyal customer following. West Elm focuses on expressing style through the modern design of their home décor line while encouraging their followers to join in and purchase their products too. By utilizing the shop feature on Instagram, West Elm promotes user interaction to increase engagement and sales. Tagging products in content limits steps for followers to cross the finish line, enabling them to add items to their shopping cart through a quick and easy process.

Motivate aspirational behavior in followers: Alo Yoga

The imagery on Alo’s feed sheds light on the movement and flexibility consumers can achieve with their athleisure wear, reaching all audiences with the diversity in motion. Promoting your branded items in action gives credibility to the products and persuades others to buy them, giving followers confidence it will achieve the product’s advertised abilities for them as well. Alo also motivates followers outside of their clothing wear promotion. Creating supporting marketing materials like playlists help their customers get through workouts, ultimately making them feel a greater connection with the brand by creating a common goal. We believe communicating with followers helps brands build friendships as well as loyal customer bases that will only continue to grow.

Consistently brand their social media: Poppi

When selecting brand colors (if you don’t have any already), choose colors that reflect and represent your brand identity. We suggest choosing two primary colors and three tertiary colors to use interchangeably throughout your branding to become easily recognizable to followers. Liven your brand’s personality by incorporating color, thoughtful photography and well-designed graphics to create a visual flow that is pleasing to the eye and makes your Instagram feed pop.

Partner with Influencers: Anthropologie

Influencer marketing is a surefire way to expand a brand’s reach on social media. Brands who partner with influencers can achieve their goals and objectives by reaching a more targeted audience. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making this strategy work, but with the right planning and research, just about every business can benefit. Followers are much more inclined to keep tabs on a brand and even invest in items after seeing an influencer with the product. Using hashtags specific to a brand, like #AnthroPartner, makes influencer posts easier to identify, with many customers/followers searching for those specific posts.

Use quippy copy: Ben & Jerry’s

The sole purpose of social media is to share information and make connections, which means two-way communication is a must. Lengthy caption and graphic copy can be easily overlooked, especially on Instagram. Ben & Jerry’s Instagram platform accompanies their visual content with attention-grabbing captions. This brand boasts its personality with short, witty and entertaining copy, oftentimes including emojis and hashtags. On social media, engaging captions are key when driving interactions with followers.

So many brands have a strong and effective social presence, and these brands are a few standouts that have influenced us whether through customer engagement tactics, the consistency of their brand or content encouraging action. To build brand recognition on social media, it takes time. These strategies can help you jumpstart your marketing and enhance your brand’s overall presence. So, what are you waiting for?